Thursday, May 14, 2020

The NYT Surrendered To An Outrage Mob In The Bret Stephens "Secrets Of Jewish Genius" Debate; Journalism Will Suffer For It

Wow, bringin' out the big guns for this one.
But there's no surprise here. The NYT is not an objective source of information. It's progressive Pravda. Do not--ever--expect it to treat any subject objectively if that subject impinges on progressive dogma. 
Ashkenazy Jews have, on average, ridiculously high IQs. That is undoubtedly largely because of genetics. My own guess is that there's a cultural component as well...but that's speculative. There's really no denying the genetic component.
The centerpiece of progressivism is the subordination of facts and evidence to political dogma.
That's exactly and all that's going on here.
Again, the important journalistic point to keep in mind: the NYT is not an objective news source.


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