Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The "Implicit Bias" Racket Goes Zoom

"Implicit bias"! Like the rest of progressive postpostmodern superstition, it's a game where the rules are made up and the points don't matter. When they even have a point. Which is a lot less than always. Just make up whatever you want! Your wedding photos assert that whatever kind of marriage you are in is the best kind! And best kinds of things are NOT OK. Regular old heterosexual marriage? Your pics assert that's best! Same-sex? Your pics assert that's...um...no, wait. That is best. Hm. Consistency is the patriarchy, bigot! The point is, whatever it is you do, if it's not at the very tippy top of the progressive stack, then IT'S PROBLEMATIC, BIGOT!!!!
   Blue walls? They say that blue walls are the norm! Green walls? Vertonormative, vertonormative bigot! White walls? Need I even explain why white is the most problematistical color of all? Pictures?!?!?!? Totally videonormative. They discriminate against blind people not only because they can't see them, but because they assert that visual perception is best perception! Bigot! So what if they can't see them? Just having them there is like using a racial slur behind someone's back! It's worse! Even using Zoom at all is asserting that vision and hearing are important in communication. Soooooo f*cking problematisticalistic. Bigot. Even the act of thinking indicates that rationality is better than arationality. And sentience is, of course, the most problematic thing of all...


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