Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Michelle Goldberg: "The Phoney Coronavirus Class War;" Or: The Peasants Are Acting Rationally Instead Of Accepting Our Diktats! Follow The Science, Bigots!

The clueless is strong in this one:
Donald Trump and his allies have polarized the response to the coronavirus, turning defiance of public health directives into a mark of right-wing identity. Because a significant chunk of Trump’s base is made up of whites without a college degree, there are naturally many such people among the lockdown protesters.
One hardly even knows what say. It's as if Goldberg hasn't the foggiest idea that there's a disagreement with two sides. 
   Disagreements about the pandemic arose quickly and the two sides oriented themselves largely along existing political fault lines. As has become routine: the red team seems to have been significantly righter than the blue team. They have apparently been righter about the dangerousness of the virus, and about the costs and benefits of shutdowns, and they seem to be righter about the civil liberties issues. The blue team became hysterical, hitched its wagon to apocalyptic predictions, ignored--and suppressed--clear evidence that only unhealthy people were much at risk, and now seem to be simply ignoring the fact that red states that either didn't close or that have reopened are doing just fine.
   Furthermore, how could someone write such a piece without noting that #LaResistance has turned slavish compliance with often nonsensical governmental decrees into a mark of left-wing identity? 
   Furtherfurthermore, Goldberg does here what progressives have turned into basically a reflex: decreeing their side in any dispute to be the Science! side. usually isn't. I don't see how it can claim to be in this case.
   I try to like Michelle Goldberg. She seems like a nice person. But she's drowning herself in a whole giant vat of Kool-Aid.


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