Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Kamala Harris Introduces Resolution Declaring 'Wuhan Virus' And Simlar Terms "Racist"

Because today's extremist left isn't satisfied merely making stupid, unsound, ****ing laughable arguments...nothing less than stupid, unsound, ****ing laughable Senate resolutions will do!
   Government by contemporary progressives is another step down the--ever-shortening--road to totalitarianism. And this, incidentally, is what you'll get with "hate speech" laws: they sell them to you by making you think they'll only be used against things like racial slurs. Next thing you know, every jot and tittle of ever-changing PC fashion is forbidden or mandatory. Next thing you know, you're in reeducation camp for mis-speciesing the dragonkin who was getting you coffee.
   If these people get control of the government, that's the beginning of the end for freedom of speech. And the end of free speech is the end of America. We started it, and we're the last (or approximately the last) country to still defend it. 
   Don't vote for the totalitarians just because Trump's shitty demeanor makes you feel all sad inside. He's a train wreck--but a train wreck who will by-God defend the First Amendment and who will nominate judges who will defend it. Similarly the Second Amendment--whereas we know for a fact that the blue extremists will do their best to narrow its protections. Biden's said he'll put Beta in charge of that. And Biden has already said that he'll roll back the due process protections DeVos has just put back in place for guys accused of sexual assault at universities.
   Your sad fee-fees do not stack up against the Bill of Rights.


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