Saturday, May 16, 2020

F-22 Crash And The Monetary Value Of A Life

So we all heard about the F-22 crash
Always gut-wrenching, as goes without saying, even when the pilot ejects safely. 
Since the WuFlu has me thinking about the monetary value of a human life, I immediately thought about our diminishing number of Raptors...and the estimated 335-or-so-million dollar cost of those mofos. The monetary value of a human life seems to be estimated at more-or-less between 5 and 10 million dollars. Making the loss of a Raptor (well...a new one, anyway...which this one wasn't) at let's say 30 human lives. Which means, inter alia: it would have been better to lose the pilot and keep the plane (almost certainly...despite the fact that fighter-pilot lives are worth more dollars than, say, philosophy-professor lives...)
I don't have a point. 
I was just thinkin'


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