Friday, May 29, 2020

Ex-Minneapolis-PO Derek Chauvin (Who Killed George Floyd By Kneeling On His Neck) Arrested (!)

I predicted that we'd see some missing footage that made Chauvin's actions somehow explicable (though almost certainly not justified)--e.g. Floyd biting someone, going for someone's gun, headbutting someone...something. Or we'd at least find out that there was a warrant out for him for a brutal murder or something. But I guess not. Which raises almost the opposite question: what on Earth could drive even an evil SOB o do this right out in public and on video? I mean--even if he's an extreme racist or some other kind of asshole...he's got to realize that there's not a great chance of getting away with this. No matter how corrupt things are in Minneapolis, there's no way the chance of going to prison for a long time for this falls below 1 in 3. And it's almost certainly a hell of a lot higher than that. 
   There's speculation on some conservative sites that George knew something he wasn't supposed to know--e.g. had some dirt on somebody. Oh, say: Chauvin. In the absence of some sort of extenuating circumstances, that dude is either a murderous psycho or a complete f*cking idiot or both.


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