Monday, May 25, 2020

CNN: Trump's Tweets Worse Than Biden's "You Ain't Black" Remark

I don't think all the "tweets" (God what a stupid term) are that bad. E.g. the media needs to get off its anti-hydroxychloroquine jihad. It's bullshit to say that advocacy of HCQ as a treatment for the WuFlu is "contrary to science." It isn't. It's perfectly consistent with the informal, quasi-scientific observations and conclusions of thousands of doctors--though its efficacy hasn't been proven in formal experiments. The left has basically adopted a moral position against HCQ because Trump is pro-. And there certainly is reason to believe that massive use of mail-in ballots will increase voter fraud. At any rate, there's all the TDS one would expect in that article. And: there's probably better reason to believe HCQ works than to think lockdowns do at this point...
   But: he's right that Trump's tweets are worse than Biden's stupid "gaffe." 
   Trump's tweets long ago crossed the line from gross and stupid to outright deranged. Grotesque. Making those kinds of public statements is disqualifying for high public office, in my opinion. Or, for that matter, low public office. Though, again: so is advocating the policies and ideas of an unhinged, anti-rational, anti-Constitutional totalitarian leaves us in a Kobayashi Maru-type situation...
   As for Biden's "you ain't black" thing: no, it's not that bad. It was a cringey, jokey comment gone wrong. The point red-team types are making, however, is that the blue team would never, ever in a million zillion years, cut Trump the kind of slack they're cutting Biden. This comment of Biden's is more nearly racist than anything Trump has actually said (as opposed, of course, to the things the left pretends that he said.) There's no sense trying to appeal to the logical conscience of contemporary progressivism. It doesn't have one. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is a woman...and you're a bigot if you question it!...Rachel Dolezal is not, however, black...and you're a bigot if you question it!...and a bigot if you point out the inconsistency... Believe all women! Extra-specially especially Blasey-Ford...except not all women now that Tara Reade is on the scene...not her...also we never said to believe all women anyway! Also, not Juanita Broaddrick...nor any of those other anti-Clinton rednecks. Or, well, believe her then...but vote for Biden anyway...even if he boils and eats babies... (The Biden campaign turned into a Cormack McCarthy novel so gradually I didn't even notice...)
   ...And now, of course: everything anyone on the right has ever said is racist...but basically no matter what our side says, it's basically cool...
   But anyway, none of that changes that what's-his-name at CNN is right: Trump's gibbering, drooling tweets are way worse than Biden's clumsy attempt at humor. Trump has demeaned the office. On the actually that bright given the alternative...side: this is self-correcting. He's alienating voters he's going to need in November.


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