Monday, May 18, 2020

Biden: If They Believe Tara Reade They Probably Shouldn't Vote For Me

Props to him for that answer.
I'd probably say the same thing. I mean--it's true. Waddaya gonna do? It's perfectly consistent with saying that you didn't do it.
The righty sites are trumpeting this as some kind of "gaffe" (I hate that word). But it isn't. It's honest. Which, tbf, probably caught them off guard.

   Update on my fascinating take on the Reade allegations: I don't know. I was inclined to believe her initial story about neck-kissing or whatever it was, but disinclined to believe the revised, much more serious story. It seems implausible that you wouldn't lead with that were it true. 
   But I don't know. I thought it was imperative to figure out what was up with the Blasey-Ford allegations. I don't feel the same urgency with the Reade allegations. I'm not considering voting for Biden, so there's no practical reason in play, either.
   Incidentally: the blue team never has admitted that we basically have proof that B-F lied, have they?


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