Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Arthur Milikh (Heritage): "Free Speech And The New Tyranny Over The Mind"

This is chilling.
Everybody should read it.
   When I was young, it was the right that was the main threat to freedom of speech; now it's the left--and they're a much bigger threat than the right ever was. The U.S. is one of the last holdouts against this new wave of totalitarian thought-policing. But the progressive left has control of almost all the cultural high ground, including, crucially, universities and the news media. There's already a powerful movement advancing the fight for politically-motivated restrictions on speech, which is a big step toward restrictions on thought and inquiry--and, as Milikh argues, on self-government. Within the next 20 years, there will be a major push to significantly narrow First Amendment protections. The groundwork is already being laid, and trial balloons are already being sent aloft.
   It's crucial, IMO, to recognize that the progressive left is profoundly antiliberal. That's not merely some rhetorical talking-point. The leftier wing of contemporary progressivism is far, far more anti-free-speech and generally antiliberal than the rightier wing of the conservatism of my youth. Erratic, antipresidential train wreck that Trump is, he's far more liberal than contemporary progressivism. And there will certainly be at least one SCOTUS appointment in the next four years. Trump's appointments to the court have been solid. And trusting a neo-Democrat with such an appointment right now is, IMO, simply not a risk we can afford to take.
   Read the Milikh piece.


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