Sunday, May 17, 2020

And Speaking Of Expertise...

Conservatives aren't so much skeptical of expertise as they are skeptical of nonexperts represented as experts. They go to doctors when they have ailments, they go to the mechanic when their car isn't running, they hire accountants. They trust actual experts. I certainly trust actual scientists--natural scientists, that is. Physicists, chemists, biologists, geologists, paleontologists and so on. I trust some social scientists--economists and political scientists on the economics-like end of polisciā€¦ What's up is that progressivism colonizes most of academia and any science or social science that impinges on politics and culture. The humanities are largely a lost cause, in the main. Conservatives trust weather forecasts--they're observably accurate or inaccurate. They don't trust far-future climate predictions pervaded by patently obvious progressive bias. They don't trust pseudoscientific gender studies bullshit about transgenderism that anyone can see is nonsense. They stopped trusting the BS we were told about COVID-19, starting with the hysterical leftist nonsense about 'Wuhan coronavirus' being "racist." Typically, that was a nonsensical leftist political preference represented as some kind of science...though...God knows what kind... 
   Perhaps conservatives are overly skeptical about quasi-expertise...perhaps not. But here's the real problem: progressivism colonizing science and Lysenkoizing it--turning it to their nefarious political purposes. Conservatives are right to be skeptical of such crap. Fault lies with progressivism for corrupting science, not with conservatives for recognizing the corruption. 


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