Saturday, April 25, 2020

VA Lockdown "Could Be A Two-Year Affair"

That crack-brained bullshit has already been walked back.
   I'm honestly a bit surprised people are still putting up with this as it is. My guess is that it's worth holding back a week or so if possible to see what happens in other states that are opening up. If it's a mistake, we don't want everybody doing it at once. And, on the off chance that those states get big spikes in hospitalizations that overwhelm capacity, we want other states to be able to help them out.
   But--like most everyone else by now--I'll be surprised if that happens.
   Also, Northam's a power-hungry authoritarian he can't be trusted to have good judgment about this sort of thing. There's a decent chance that the citizens of the Commonwealth will have to take matters into our own hands and just ignore the lockdown order.
   I'm going into week six on this bronchitis-or-whatever-it-is. Be kind funny if I got all Don't Tread On Me about this and then went out and got th' Batpox and died LOL. 'd serve me right.


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