Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Twitter Suspends Account Of Company That Makes "Healight"; We've Always Been At War With Eurasia

So it's come to this.
   Trump babbles about something in a press conference. There is, as is so often the case, plenty to criticize. 
   Will it be enough for the "Resistance" media? Well, what do you think?
   Instead of leveling any of the easily-available, reasonable criticisms, the media /La Resistance axis of crapitude: (a) semi-intentionally misinterpret him and (b) pretends he said something dangerous and patently idiotic--entirely beyond the pale--anybody should be able to see it's crazy.!!! But wait! Big problem! (c) it turns out that something vaguely fitting his description is an actual thing on the cutting edge of biomedical research! (Not too surprising, as I noted before any of this even broke.) Will les journalists de la Resistance admit error? Hahahahahahaha sûrement vous plaisanter! (d) In fact, the big tech companies jump in to suppress information about it. If Trump is right about something, the facts must be changed to make him wrong.
   The 1984 into which we are slipping didn't originate in the government, but in the other parts of culture that the left can more easily and more completely control. Question for the reader: do you think it's a good idea for them to gain control of the government as well?


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