Monday, April 13, 2020

The Post So Desperately Wants Hydroxychloroquine Not To Work That They're Willing To Lie About It

Jeez the WaPo has become despicable.
   They're not quite rooting for the virus...but they're not quite not rooting for it.
   And, of course, we all know why.
   Here's them giving four Pinocchios to...what? They're never clear on what proposition they're bullshitting about this time...but, needless to say, Trump is the target.
   I don't think it's ever been in doubt that Trump was more-or-less talking out his ass about this, as usual. It's been made perfectly clear--though not by Trump of course--that we don't have sufficient scientific evidence that Hydroxychloroquine (or chloroquine, or these in combination with antibiotics) work. It's anecdotal evidence, collected on the fly, in an emergency situation.

   What Trump has said is, e.g.: "it could be a game-changer," "there are signs that it will work," "what do you have to lose?" The two assertions seem plausibly true, and the question is a reasonable one--especially since the drug is well-known and generally well-tolerated.
   I'm not ecstatic about Trump saying this stuff, but, as I understand it, what he has been saying is in line with reasonable medical opinion. Doctors all over the world are prescribing the stuff to COVID-19 patients. Trump is more reporting on this than causing it.
   Of course the Post loves all sorts of unscientific and antiscientific claims...if they're politically correct and expedient. E.g. concerning climate change, transgenderism, differential rates of police violence, the male-female "pay gap." That point's not a defense of Trump. It's a sound consistency ad hominem against the Post.
   We apparently don't have very good evidence that it works. But that's nowhere near four Pinocchios-worthy. Not that the Post's opinion of such things matters at all anymore. At most, we can say that the relevant hope is unproven. Which is the way hope works, you see...  We don't have proof that the stuff works and don't have proof that it doesn't work. At worst it's poorly-grounded hope. Though it's not even that given that it's consistent with widespread medical opinion.
   Incidentally, how many of these worthless Pinocchios did the Chinese government get for lying about this in the early stages and, consequently, killing (ultimately) millions of people who could have been saved? The WHO? The government agencies that told us that masks didn't work? The modelers who produced hysterical mortality predictions?
   Well, keep it up, WaPo. You make Trump look better and better every day. In fact you help make him better and better, comparatively speaking. Because if it's not him, it's going to be the complex of increasingly irrational and dishonest progressive institutions of which you are a part.


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