Friday, April 24, 2020

The Data Is In--Stop The Panic, End The Total Isolation

I'm merely an obsessive observer.
   But this has been my inclination for some time now.
   Since, TBH, about, oh, Easter... (Regular Easter, not Orthodox Easter.) I've been thinking for a week or so now that I was wrong to say that Trump's seemingly-pulled-out-of-thin-air guess of Easter was wrong after all... Buuut...I guess it seems pretty good to me again now.
   In my not-even-close-to-being-an-expert, semi-well-informed-layperson's opinion, firing up the economy again is more-or-less an emergency. Sitting around on our asses day after day fretting about it isn't going to do the trick. Something needs to get done now. Burning money is burning lives, in case we have to speak to people who only understand things in such terms.
   This seems to conflict with my fret that GA was acting precipitously. I guess it does. I suppose I was thinking something more like: more sparsely-populated states should start with businesses that are more important than and require less personal contact than nail salons...which...what a concept anyway, right?
   But this thing has become a red-blue football, like everything else. It's now a matter of principle among many blues that we should all stay home and, well, honestly, do as we're told. And, as is their wont these days, they proclaim that to be Science!tm. Many reds think this it's now all very obvious that this was BS from the beginning, and by now it's matter of principle and individual choice and common sense: the cure is and has perhaps always been worse than the disease yadda yadda let my people go and so on.
  Also: we flattened the curve. We all bought the argument and did the thing. Now a lot of us think it's time to get things moving again. Though since I can do my job from home, I'll keep myself pretty scarce, except for food and th' Home Depot. No sense in extremely inessential people such as myself making things worse.


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