Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Our Media Is A Force-Multiplier For Our Enemies

Including...the invisible enemy...
   Gosh, they're just terrible. They really are just a hair'sbreadth shy of being on the side of the virus.
I've been avoiding the press conferences because Trump is so agonizing to listen to.
   This time, we weren't even ten minutes in before the press was basically shitting their pants to pin the word 'devastating' on CDC's Redfield. Then to insist that the WuFlu will be just as bad if it comes back in the Fall. And so on.
   They're not quite rooting for the virus...but they're not quite not rooting for the virus.
   Trump is just awful. But the media is so very much worse.
   Jeez. I wish he would stop trying to reason with these people. It obviously simply cannot be done.


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