Saturday, April 25, 2020

Michael Moore, Planet Of The Humans

This is pretty interesting, if haphazard.
   The stuff about "green"/"clean" energy is interesting, if accurate--you've always got to double-check Moore. The main point: almost all such energy is really biomass, and that shit is neither green or clean. As for solar, it takes so many resources to make it that we'd be better off without it. Is this true? Dunno. But it seems contrary to his usual view, so perhaps worth checking.
   Toward the end, overpopulation suddenly pops up. I'm inclined to be concerned about overpopulation, so that was of interest to me...but it kind of comes out of nowhere in the video.
   Anyway, make of it what you will:
It ends with some gut-wrenching footage of that bit's pretty tough to watch.


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