Saturday, April 18, 2020

Liberate VA Etc.

This is the story of Trump: surprisingly sane policies (a surprising amount of the time, anyway) + spastic rhetoric that makes everything worse.
   Not that I'm qualified to evaluate the three-stage reopening blueprint. But it sounds reasonable and notably conservative (in the non-political sense). And I've come to think we're kind of on our own in trying to evaluate such things anyway. I'm not longer very confident about which experts to trust--and when it's all filtered through the systematically distorting lens of the NYT et al...God knows. 
   There is some sense in which Virginia needs to be liberated from Governor Coonman & co. But Trump's already injected enough chaos and irrationality into the discussion without doing whatever his "LIBERATE" tweets were intended to do. What we need, it seems, is a determined, cautious, level-headed, cold-blooded move back to business.
   All he's really got to do is shut his mouth occasionally. But he can't do it.
   On an only somewhat related note: I'd think that younger people would start agitating for reopening. They're not in much danger, we're currently borrowing money that they're going to have to pay off, and their economic future is in more and more danger the longer the shutdowns last.


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