Thursday, April 23, 2020

"How The Left Lost Its Mind"

This seems kinda clueless now, post-Russiagate. It's clear--or should be--to anyone paying attention that the left has much bigger problems than those Coppins is fretting about. When America's "paper of record" spends two years flogging a transparently ridiculous conspiracy theory to the effect that the president of the United States is a Russian puppet who enjoys watching prostitutes pee on each other, your problem is not the free blogging section of HuffPo.  Oh, and don't forget that it barely acknowledged its two-year-long, humiliating, inexcusable error...but instead, shifted almost seamlessly to pushing a brainless, largely fact-free identity-politics fantasy--the so-called "1619 Project." And that's just one newspaper--it barely scratches the surface of the left's problems. 


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