Saturday, April 25, 2020

Have The Dems Decided To Get Rid Of Biden?

I mean...I've basically thought this is...not inevitable...but likely.
   The pandemic crashed the economy and Trump is kind of losing his shit in the press conferences...and the media is now even more shamelessly just the PR wing of the DNC...which one would have thought impossible. The Dems have a real opportunity here.
   Biden was already Biden. And now he's lost a step right before all our eyes. And corroborating evidence seems to have emerged about the Tara Reade sexual harassment accusation. Biden just seems like a bad bet. And the DNC controls their selection in a way that Pubs just don't control theirs.
   Anyway. I'll actually be surprised if they stick with him.
   The problem of course, is: who ya gonna tap as a replacement? Bernie's the obvious choice, but the DNC is anti-Bernie. But if they tap somebody other than Bernie, the Bernie bros (so called) are likely to stay home.
   Well, for that matter, Biden might just be pissed off enough to torpedo his replacement, too.
   Best-case scenario, the Dems self-destruct and reorganize themselves into a centrist party--or get replaced by one. Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?


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