Thursday, April 30, 2020

"GA's Experiment In Human Sacrifice"; or: Anyone Who Tries To Avert Economic Catastrophe Is A Murderer

I have no particular confidence that Georgia is doing the right thing.
   But part of the problem we face is that we're largely flying blind, largely because the media refuses to report on the situation honestly. Take the hysterical, not-even-vaguely-objective title of this piece, for example. Of course titles aren't generally the fault of the author...but this one captures the piece pretty well. ("Lungs...look like they were shredded with ground glass.")
   Not that this is the very best way to make the point, but: everything we do is "an experiment in human sacrifice" in that sloppy sense. Ever drive on the freakin' DC beltway during rush hour? That's trading years of life for money, too; something we do all the time.
   Experts and models have, so far as any layperson can tell, erred fairly consistently to the high side. The media hysterically/enthusiastically flogged the worst end of the predictions--MILLIONS TO DIE!!!!--and this helped set the tone. Perhaps because Trump erred fairly consistently on the side of optimism, the pandemic and reactions thereto are now politicized, with progressives consistently talking doom and gloom and more-or-less enthusiastically welcoming lockdowns, while conservatives have taken an anti-lockdown, let's-get-going attitude, arguing that it's more important to restart the economy.
   But my point here is really just that, so long as the media is politically committed to making the progressive case, that means we have to ignore what they say and look directly to the output of the experts...keeping in mind that they've been pretty consistently high.
   One more thing: Mull says, among other questionable claims, that we've been experiencing "overwhelmed hospitals"...whereas it seemed to me that the real story was how few such hospitals there have been. Instead, we're hearing of furloughs. But we're almost past the point of criticizing individual claims. Seems to me that we have to try to get a fix on the big picture: for whatever reason--almost certainly part of it being Trump--the MSM is going to continue to output systematically inaccurate information. So if we pay attention to them at all, we have to correct for that obvious bias.
   Mull also reports that almost no one in GA is going to immediately go back to work when restrictions are lifted--they're all terrified! I find this difficult to believe.


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