Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Freddy Gray: Trump Should Shut Down His Press Conferences--Now

Yeah, I haven't been watching much of them for the last week. This last one sounds like the worst. The press is such shit that I can't even stand to hear them. But the press is permitted to be shit. The president can't lose it in response. Of course the left, including the major media, are portraying it as a "total meltdown"...which I doubt. But after seeing and hearing what I've seen and heard, I don't have the heart to watch it.
   God knows where this "total authority" stuff came from. Yoo explains why it's wrong. Wasn't Trump defending Federalism just, like, four days ago?
   All Trump has to do is throttle back and let the left continue to reveal itself to the country...but he doesn't have the self-control. And now that's what has become most salient about these press conferences. Gray is right that the press is basically a bunch of semi-sane, petulant teenagers, and that blowing one's stack at that isn't an entirely unreasonable response...but the President of the United States absolutely cannot act like that and say such things.
   In his defense, he's been the subject of the most unhinged attacks I've ever seen a president subject to. But the same progressive-media complex that conducted Russiagate and Ukrainegate is now, as Gray notes, conducting Impeachment Phase III: Impedemic! (Panpeachment?) Using this plague as just another political opportunity is loathsome. And since the press is both a major part of La Resistance and the group that gets to say what's happening, they're hard to beat. Rather than the victors writing the history, the people who write the history have a good chance of writing themselves into victory.
   Even though a Democratic victory in November would be a disaster, it'd nevertheless be a relief not to have the psychological weight of a Trump presidency weighing on us all the time.


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