Friday, April 24, 2020

Did Trump Say To Inject Lysol?

LOL no...
...or rather, and unfortunately: probably not...but...not clearly not...
   The real problem: dude speaks so imprecisely/inarticulately/incoherently that half the time you just can't tell WTF he's trying to say. This was one of those times. One longs for Obama now and again...
   Since you'd have to be a complete f'in moron to think that thing about Lysol, and he's not one--not complete, I mean--that's probably not what he was saying.
   Since he's notoriously inarticulate and full of shit and just says words when he shouldn't, and since this was pretty clearly one of the times when those characteristics were in the forefront, a fair-minded person who wasn't just trying to score political points would conclude that the not-entirely-psychopathically-stupid interpretation was the intended interpretation. And because: he said that later in the presser.*
   In case it helps: a mind-blowing degree of inarticulateness disqualifies one from being president, so far as I am concerned.
   But He is mind-blowingly inarticulate and full of shit and he won't shut his pie hole is not good enough--i.e. bad enough--for La Resistance and the media. I mean--it's good enough/bad enough for me...but YMMV. Anyway, they need HE SAID TO SHOOT UP WITH CLOROX!!!!!11  So that's what they gave themselves.
   Of course Trump did more than his part for the effort. He is La Resistance's foremost ally.
   Anyway. The Biden team seems worried about these pressers, and seems to want to find some way to compete with them. But why interfere when your enemy is in the process of repeatedly shooting himself in the ass?
   Also: Did you see Birx sitting in the background fighting to keep control of her reaction, thinking nonononononono…..

*What was he trying to say?
   What am I, the Rosetta Stone?
   Don't freakin' ask me... I guess it was something about disinfecting lungs from inside them, with something analogous to disinfectant--but not, y'know, actual Clorox...
   As for the sunlight stuff...I dunno, man. I just work here.


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