Sunday, March 15, 2020

Well, Samantha Bee Is A Moron, So...

Wow she's an idiot.
   I mean, if she hadn't gotten sucked into The Cult, she might have been just fine. She may have learned stupidity. They program you with a stupidity emulator--it's the only way for them to suck you in.
   How long will people tolerate this kind of idiocy? We've got some rather serious shit going on right now, and all the left can do is run around shrieking RACISM!...which, tbh, is all they ever really do, come to think of it...
   While the grownups are actually trying to save the world, the narcissistic juveniles are running around shrieking Look at me! Look! Look! I'M SO WOKE! Look! It's racism! Racism! Racism!!!!
Racism is actually a real thing with real consequences. Which is not at all what the lefties are talking about. In Leftyworld, whatever they say is "true" just in virtue of them having said it...which means that they've given up on actual truth. While normal people are addressing the actual facts, the left is shrieking about its made-up world of religious dogma and facts by fiat. It's stupid, repulsive and distracting to people trying to deal with reality. It's like we're being attacked by wolves and that one guy is running around in circles pulling his hair out and screaming We're sinners! Sinners!!! It's God's just revenge! Let the demons eat us for our siiiiins…..
This is doing nothing but distracting and undermining those in the party who are trying to deal with the actual, flesh-and-blood wolves.


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