Saturday, March 21, 2020

U.S. Civil Rights Commission Goes Full PC, Denounces 'Chinese Virus' As "Racist," "Xenophobic"

PC is a plague of the mind.
These people can't even just STFU and give it a rest while we're trying to deal with an actual, physical plague.
   The virus seems to have originated in Wuhan, China. We commonly name such viruses and the associated illnesses for the places we (at least initially) think they originated. I noted this as soon as progressives began pushing this bullshit. 'Wuhan virus' is no more racist than 'Rocky Mountain spotted fever' or 'Spanish flu.' There's no good evidence that use that the term is the cause of any harm. Even if it were, that's not sufficient reason to alter the informal naming convention. Nor does it make it racist. Harm and racism are not the same things.
   Heriot and Kirsanow are right. The commission is wrong. And this is not the sort of bullshit we should be dealing with under prevailing conditions. This is another sign of how deep the progressive rot goes. It's purely a PC / anti-Trump move. This gives us even more reason to actively aim to use 'Wuhan virus.'
   We're fighting against a quasi-religious political cult. One of its main tenets is the subordination of truth to its dogmas. One of its main tools is the control of language. It wins by taking over institutions. It uses them to propagate its dogmas by pretending that the dogmas are technical judgments of expertise. (This is one major reason that expertise has fallen into disfavor in some quarters.) And it acts relentlessly. Even a worldwide pandemic isn't enough to put its projects on hold. It pushes and pushes and pushes, relentlessly. So we have to resist it relentlessly.
   This battle isn't just about words. It's never just about words. Whenever someone tries to manipulate language, they have an ulterior motive.


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