Monday, March 16, 2020

UBI During The Wu-Tang Flu?

Far be it from me to advise inviting the camel's nose into the tent...but, honestly, this thing about implementing a UBI during the pandemic isn't--prima facie and in all my economic ignorance--the absolute stupidest idea I've ever heard. Even if AOC did endorse it.
   But I have no idea whether we could afford it nor what unintended consequences would follow on it. Nor whether it could actually be implemented that fast--something I doubt, actually. Also: seems like a blueprint for inflation to me. Though maybe that's not something to worry about right now.
   F*cking economies--how do they work?
   Anyway, I'm clueless. Wonder whether it'd drive a bunch of people unused to having that much disposable income dropped in their laps all at once out to the restaurants and bars? Cutting taxes doesn't really help lower-income people much, does it? Well...maybe not income taxes. What about suspending all sales taxes? Might be a huge headache for retailers for all I know.
   What the hell? Go ahead and Yang Gang the Wu-Tang! Money for nothin' for everybody! Laissez rouler les temps de la peste!
  Eh...maybe I better stick with I don't know...


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