Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Trump DOJ Defends Female Athletes

I continue to think that amidst all the insanity on our now-antiliberal left, this is the flagship case. Don't forget that progressives basically just declared one day that women could be male and men could be female. And, further, declared that it had always been that way. As if that madness weren't enough, progressives soon added the declaration that the first decree could not be questioned or even discussed in anything but a whole-heartedly accepting manner. When some had the temerity to question this meta-diktat, they were informed that even that question was an act bigotry. To in any way question that black was now white and noon was now night...rather: that it had always been...was to literally commit an act of literal violence against "transpeople"--the new word for those who choose to misrepresent their sex.
   IMO the left has completely lost its mind, and is now much, much more antiliberal than the right. But, of all the batshit crazy things the left now believes...and believes mainly on faith...and declares unquestionable on pain of cultural shunning...nothing beats transgender mythology for sheer misologistic totalitarian irrationality.
   On top of everything else, trans mythology/ideology is, itself, sexist against women. I rarely point this out because I tend to also be interested in certain meta-issues--e.g. that leftists refuse to accept any argument not from the left. That's probably the biggest cause of their current extremism and irrationality. So I'm less-interested in arguments like the sexism argument. But trans mythology is sexist. When do you think women are going to realize that they keep getting pushed further down in the progressive stack? Every other interest group always comes first...including men pretending to be women. I mean, I'd rather women reject progressivism because it's nuts. Or because it's antiliberal. Well, being sexist is a way of being antiliberal. Also a way of being nuts. So that's something. But anyway: they could also reject it because it's contrary to their interest. Case in point: girls and women can train their whole lives and never come close to being able to compete with boys and men in most sports. So which will it be? The near-total destruction of women's sports? Or the searing moral pain of having to tell a handful of boys and men what they already know--that they're boys and men? 
   Then of course there's the addition of PC Newspeak in an attempt to muddy the waters by making all this more difficult to talk and think about by coining neologisms like "transwomen" to mean men who misrepresent themselves as women... But that's a whole 'nuther can of worms...


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