Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Trump COVID-19 Presser 3/17

Missed the beginning, but, again, a good briefing, with Trump as the weakest link. Thing is, he was usually right. But he's so inarticulate and testy that he undermines his own case. The press sucks, as is no surprise. They can't drop the gotcha bullshit even at a time like this. Trump to some extent brings it on himself--but it's certainly not all his fault.
   Prediction: if the COVID-19 numbers end up looking anything like the H1N1 numbers, the press will come back hard with You said they did a terrible job! And you did a similar job! So you said you did a terrible job! Not that that prediction requires prescience or anything.
   The whole thing about the WHO offering us test kits and us allegedly turning them down is representative of the mendacious bullshit of the MSM, and it was good to see that story slapped down so decisively by the experts--turns out they offered us a bad, experimental kit (e.g. yielding many false positives) in radically inadequate numbers. The experts there were obviously in enthusiastic agreement that the story was so inaccurate as to be total crap.
   The MSM does that sort of thing all the time. That's nearly a template for like half their Trump stories. The tactic is slime and retreat. Let's see whether the relevant outlets prominently retract the story now.
   And: that's what's going to happen with that idiotic story about buying the German company and hoarding tests from the rest of the world. How could anybody possibly believe such nonsense?
   But when I have to listen to Trump speak for that long, I start pining for Obama. I appreciated that guy's clarity...but not enough.


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