Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Some Commerce (And Suchlike) Proceeds Apace

The neighbors across the street are pouring a new patio-thingy in front of their house. They're out there working--leveling the under-whatsis and whatnot. Their contractors are in and out doing this and that. The cement truck comes and goes. Commerce proceeds apace.
   Three guys from the city came around the other day to look at a drainage problem our uphill neighbor has had for years. Though we're high up, every basement on the street floods all the time. One of the workers asked me for a bucket of water, and while fumbling around with it, I'm sure we violated the 6' there's something. They didn't seem to be worried about it in the least. I was thinking Here's why you just gotta stay in, I suppose...
   The city+county is up to 6 cases now, actually.


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