Sunday, March 29, 2020

Should We All Wear DIY Masks In Public?

I'll bet it's true.
I can't believe I ever fell for that N-95s don't work story...
I remember thinking Wow, I can't believe all those South Koreans are wrong...
We've got most of a 10-count box of 3M ones, and then some others (some generics that don't even look like plausible imitations), most left over from renovations. I'm sure if we poked around more we'd find some more dirty/crappy ones. Anyway, we're not down to the level of cutting up t-shirts yet.
We're thinking about giving half of our reputable stash to the local hospital...but wondering whether that's being overly-generous / underly-self-interested / overly-stupid. Also, I'm sure that some of our friends don't have any.


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