Wednesday, March 25, 2020

PC Not Deterred By A Wee Pandemic: Universities "Ban" Use Of unPC Terms For Wuhan Coronavirus

These people are totalitarians, of course.
Their implicit reasoning is patently bogus, as is easy to see:
  "Do not use terms such as 'Chinese virus' or other terms which cast either intentional or unintentional projections of hatred toward Asian communities," the statement said.
   Further, "Do not allow the use of these terms by others."
It's not your call to make. Try and stop me, you jackbooted jackasses.
My God, the bullshit...the bullshit...:
T[he] statement said: "A core of our mission at UC Davis Health is, of course, to advance health. Yet, health, privilege and bias are often intertwined.
The core of PC is the subordination of truth to leftist dogma. Honestly, if there were a logical God, those two alone would send you to logic hell.
The bogus empirical claims again:
In recent weeks, we have seen an example of this in the alarming rise in bigotry and xenophobia against Asian communities.
It's not new...because, of course, it's always been...but it's new, too. Because both are bad, but we can't decide which is worst...but it needs to be worst! It's both new and always been:
For many Asians, the racism is not new, but it has been emboldened as Asians are scapegoated for the coronavirus epidemic. This is doubly painful as Chinese communities also bear the weight of most of the lives lost."
If it's been "emboldenened," then there's almost certainly more of it. So let's see the numbers...and the verified cases.
   All such claims--which are central to PC--are just pulled out of thin air. Or, rather: they're presuppositions, not conclusions.


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