Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Orwellianism Watch: Wikipedia Trying To Change Title of "Spanish Flu" Entry

Wikipedia is similar to academia, the NYT, et al.: basically nothing it says that impinges on progressive dogma can be trusted. 
Wikipedia--like what remains of Reddit--is basically controlled by leftist ideologues who are freakishly, unnaturally dedicated to pushing progressivism. They're now trying to rename the entry on Spanish flu, changing it to "1918 Flu Epidemic." They're obviously doing this as a move in the newly-opened front against Trump (and truth...betcha never thought you'd see those two on the same side...). Well: against all normal people and normal views. And history. And established procedures. And reason. The relevant section of the talk page starts out with the following doozy:
It is well established today that this flu was neither originated nor particularly spread in Spain. Furthermore, it is also well established that naming pandemias [sic] after regions is misleading (from a mechanistic [sic] point of view) and also stigmatizing.
N.b.: it is "well-established" that naming pandemics after regions is "stigmatizing." This is such PC bullshit. It is, of course in no way "well-established." It is the opposite of well-established. It is not even established, much less well so. It is, in fact, a mere unsupported assertion of the contemporary left. Furthermore, this position is entirely politically motivated. 
   This is Ministry of Truth territory. Not that it's unusual. This is just one tiny aspect of a massive, PC push against truth and history. It's not that "1918 Flu Pandemic" would be a bad title. In fact, it might even be a better title (though probably not). The point is that this is one way in which the progressive-left war against truth and history proceeds: sometimes it's via big, sweeping assaults (as with the push to normalize transgender ideology), sometimes via small, minor actions. Often via "the long march through the institutions": it takes over salients like academia, journalism and Wikipedia. It suffuses them with leftist dogma. Then it points to them as authorities in cultural battles. So, with respect to 'Wuhan coronavirus' and the CDC, WHO...and Wikipedia: it infiltrates those institutions, implants its dogmas (e.g. about "stigma"), then points to e.g. CDC opinion (a) as if were an independent judgment and (b) as if it were a matter of medical expertise over which CDC has authority. In fact, it's mere progressive-left dogma that's been injected...everywhere. 
  In this case: the left impressionistically flings its purely fabricated and ungrounded judgment that 'Wuhan virus' is racist, xenophobic, and "stigmatizing." It accuses non-PCs of racism for using such terms. It is refuted by clear historical evidence and counterexamples--most prominently 'Spanish flu.' So it goes, virtually, back in time and renames the counterexample. Then pretends that it was right. When, in fact, it's now wrong about two things rather than just one.
   Absolutely, positively read this:


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