Wednesday, March 25, 2020

NYC Needs More Medical Supplies

I'm sympathetic.
I've got friends there.
But the tone of this story is: you need to give us more's your fault that we don't have the stuff we need.
The federal government does not have magic powers.
It can't automatically produce everything that anyone needs.
Cuomo had a chance to buy a shit-ton of ventilators four years ago and didn't do it.
I don't blame him for it.
You can't buy everything you might ever need.
A different kind of pandemic might have required a ridiculous number of centrifuges instead of ventilators.
A different kind of emergency might have required a ridiculous amount of antibiotics.
I just don't see that anyone is to blame for not being able to produce an unreasonable amount of something with a snap of the fingers.
But Godspeed, NYC.
We're all pulling for ya.


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