Monday, March 30, 2020

Northam Issue Stay-At-Home Order, Allegedly Until 6/10

I don't like Governor Blackface. And I very much regret my foolish vote for him. And I'm not sure where he gets June 10th. And even the People's Republic of Maryland gave their citizens some warning before issuing a restraining stay-at-home order... But...even though Northam is a known authoritarian...and even though telling me not to do something is ordinarily the most effective way to get me to do it...well, we're all in a tight spot, obviously.
I don't have any better ideas.
Also there a plenty of exceptions, including for "outdoor activities." And the SNP is still open, at least for now. And it sounds like the ABC stores are going to stay open. Hell, I might just say f*ck everything and spend the next two months reading whatever I want...


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