Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Lies, Damn Lies, And The MSM: A Compilation Of Media Lies About Trump's Handling Of The Wuan Pandemic

Por que no los dos?
   Absolutely don't miss the video. 
   There's nothing even vaguely racist about naming a virus after its place of origin. Even the moonbattiest moonbats have never complained about any previous case. And for the first months of this outbreak, it was always called "the Wuhan coronavirus" or something similar--in keeping with our perfectly reasonable convention. (Absolutely don't miss the video.) 
   But then the left decided it was racist on the basis of exactly no sound reasons whatsoever...and now they're willing to take up 5-10% of important briefings to squeal about this made-up sin over and over and over and over. Because they suddenly started merely asserting it, they apparently believe their assertion to have the force of the moral law. And they're furious that the President would refuse to immediately bend the knee (or should we say kowtow?) to their diktat
   Honestly. Trump is the less nutty of the two by far. It really ain't even close.

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