Thursday, March 19, 2020

Kelly Anne Conway Gets "Kung Flu" Wrong...But She Succeeds In That She's Reasonable

Good for her.
But she's wrong about there being something wrong with saying "Kung flu." Or with calling Wuhan coronavirus (or COVID-19 if you really want to talk about the disease) Kung flu.
   It's idiotic to be making this kind of asinine argument, especially when we all have much, much bigger fish to fry. It's the height of stupidity, frivolity and cultishness. It's clearly yet another aspect of the ongoing media effort to tear down this administration with any tools that come to hand.
   Oh, wait! Is a reference to frying fish racist???? I'm sure we could make up some story about how it is if we tried.... Which is one of the major problems with PC bullshit: you can always make some shit up...
Again: it's in no way clear whether they're saying that just making the sounds "Kung flu" is horrible, or, rather, calling COVID-19 Kung flu is the allegedly horrible thing. They have no idea what they're saying. They're just repeating the half-assed, one-size-fits-all strategy they learned at Swarthmore or Sarah Lawrence or BC or wherever the hell they went to college. It's completely mindless.
   "Kung flu' is funny. If it annoys you, you are, of course, free to say "Dude, that term annoys me. Could you not?" But you're not entitled to call it racist because it simply isn't. If you think it is, try to articulate the goddamn argument and see how far you get. Then lemme see your work. So I can laugh that that, too.
   Anyway, Conway does a good job of pantsing some of our godawful, brainless progressive media hacks...but it would be better to call bullshit on the core of their bullshit.
   As for Trump: STFU and get behind him for a change. We all need to be on his side currently. He actually seems to be doing a pretty good job. You wanna bitch about him later, do it later. I might even join in. But for now: get on the team, shit head.


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