Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Did Russiagate, Ukrainegate/Impeachment, and TDS Generally Hinder Our Response To Wuhan Coronavirus?

Well, maybe.
Well, it's not unlikely.
I mean, how much of his attention did Trump expend defending himself against this stuff? Half? Impeachment theater was still playing when things first started going wonky in Wuhan. Of course the more justified the attacks, the less responsibility the attackers bear for diverting attention to them. But a very, very large percentage of the attacks on Trump have been ridiculous. E.g. the relentless fabrications about racism (which are directed at everyone not on the left, actually...but Trump's more prominent, and has attracted more than his share...).
   I don't usually take this sort of speculation too seriously. But the contemporary left has become so relentless and irrational and dedicated to destroying its enemies that I have a fairly strong inclination to think that it does bear significant responsibility for wasting so much damn time, energy and attention that could be put to better use. When you've got a powerful cult in your midst, and they insist on using every event and every issue as a new opportunity to litigate the details of their pet superstition...well, when a disaster then slips under everyone's radar, it's not unreasonable to suggest that the cult may bear a certain amount of responsibility for this...
   And a disclaimer I hesitate to add anymore for certain obscure reasons of principle: this doesn't go for however many normal Democrats and liberals might remain. You want a somewhat more expansive social safety net / welfare state than the GOP? You think we should have to register AR-15s? You support the ERA? Expansive abortion permissions? A higher top tax rate? Affirmative action? I'm not complaining about you or about those things. Those are reasonable positions that can be part of reasonable disagreements about how we should govern ourselves. I'm complaining about the antiliberal totalitarians who have taken the helm on the left. You want to make peace and common cause with people like me, you are going to have to stand up to your loony left wing and wrest the wheel away from them.


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