Monday, March 16, 2020

CNN Lies About Trump's Assertions About COVID-19, Lies About It Contradicting Fauci's Assertions

No surprise to anyone at this point, I presume.
Trump in no way said that the virus is "under control." He said--roughly--that we have ("tremendous") control over it. "Tremendous" is, indeed, typical boilerplate Trumpian bullshit...the dude doesn't know that many adjectives. He shouldn't have said that. It doesn't seem accurate. What he says is often inaccurate...but more-or-less within specs of leaderly optimism. I doubt that he should have said that...but what CNN falsely says he said is worse than what he actually said. He said, basically: we have a lot of control over it. Which is...optimistic (at least). Fauci did not contradict that. There was some tension between what the two men said--but no contradiction, and nothing really all that close to one.
   Here's what you should have said, you CNN douchebags: Trump gives another seemingly-implausible assessment of COVID-19 situation.
   Criticize the real Trump, not the straw Trump of your fevered imaginations, you jerkoffs.


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