Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Chinese Virus: What Trump Ought To Say

"Welp, it's a virus from China, and nothing will change that. Also, the com'inist Chinese gub'mint is trynta not only deny it, but blame it on us.
Howevs...if anybody...and I mean anybody...out there hassles a 'Merican of Asian heritage for the inscrutably, immeasurably stupid-ass reason that the virus came from China...I will personally come out there and kick ya m*tha f*ckin' ass. That, or I'll send Delta Force to do it. Do you want to try to explain your thinking to Delta Force? Well do ya, punk?
You readin' me 5x5 on that?
Cause I'll f*ckin' do it."

I would pay one thousand dolla to hear him say that. I'll send the check back.


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