Tuesday, February 18, 2020

"Why The Left Is Losing"

As Reynolds says: don't get cocky.
The insane left has been chillingly successful of late in the U.S.

[This deserves some comment. The most important idea in there, I think, is that the really crazy, activist left pressures leftier parties not to move rightward/centerward on cultural issues--e.g. by shrieking 'racist!' at anyone who does. I'll add that this psychotic tendency also prevents the country as a whole from honestly discussing important issues--like dudes in women's public restrooms and locker rooms. It's basically a method the left uses to prevent the Dems and the majority from having rational discussions and making rational decisions.
But this is more our fault than theirs. They're crazy cultists. They're only marginally responsible for their actions--or, rather, behaviors. But rational people giving in to such tactics...that's irrational and irresponsible and cowardly. We can't keep giving in to this kind of insanity. People have to realize that "you're racist!" just means I have no response to your argument in leftyspeak. ]


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