Sunday, February 09, 2020

TRUMP IS FASCIST + Everything Is Racist: Classical Architecture Is Racist Edition DID I MENTION TRUMP IS FASCIST?!!??!?!?!?

God this is stupid.
   I'm not particularly in favor of the executive order. Though I think classical architecture is better than lots of the alternative shit--e.g. brutalist shit in particular--that people are singing the praises of on the grounds that if Trump likes something they like the opposite.
   But (a) this is totalitarian? The Commonwealth of Virginia is talking about mustering the National Guard to confiscate private firearms in apparent violation of the Second Amendment...and this is what strikes you as totalitarian? Not the left's efforts to weaken the First Amendment? Not their now-routine use of violence and intimidation against their political enemies? This?? Also (b) of course you think it's racist, you nitwit. You people think everything is racist. Everything done by anyone anywhere to your right, at least. Give it a fucking rest. Nobody cares what you think, and nobody listens to your accusations of racism anymore.
   I don't know anything about architecture. So I don't deserve much of an opinion about this...though, again, I report ignorantly: I like classical architecture. I get to say that even though it's not worth much.
   I try--I really try--to keep up with what the left is saying. But, as I've noted before: I'm really better off not doing so. Every time I try to hear out folks at the Atlantic, or The Nation (other than Aaron Mate) or the Times or the Post, or The New Republic (which now, of course, sucks--it's a crime what they did to that publication), I just become more disgusted with how outright stupid the left has become. It's the same stupid arguments over and over and over. It's Trump is a fascist!, when he's a piker compared to you aspiring Stalinists. I don't care for the guy...except now I kind of do because he's the only thing standing between you people and your efforts to wreck the country....oh and also because: he makes you so hilariously angry.


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