Sunday, February 23, 2020

Transgender Ideology And The Left's War On The Family

There can't be any real doubt that the left is opposed to the family and aims to weaken it. That's a long-standing Marxist goal. Transgender ideology is a collection of theories, myths and quasi-religious commitments that constitutes a more-or-less principled expansion of the left's sexual worldview. (Largely bad principles...but principles nonetheless...) The education establishment is firmly on the left. So this should, really, come as no particular surprise.
   There's virtually no opposition to such leftist projects from inside the educational establishment or the bureaucracy--especially since you can, increasingly, be fired for expressing such "bigotry." Just about the last remaining source of opposition is the family. Parents care so much for their kids that they have an incentive to object to PC diktats despite the high social cost of doing so. And that's a big problem for the left. A predictable leftist strategy is, then, to cut them out of the loop. This eliminates a source of opposition and simultaneously advances the project of replacing parental authority with that of the state. The left has basically created a religion, implemented brainwashing of kids with it in schools, and then cut parents out of the loop when there's any chance they might object to this. Oh and: part of the religion involves sexually indoctrinating and mutilating these kids in ways that are likely to scar them for life and undermine their ability to reproduce. That's another thing that motivates parents to object, given their interest in the survival of their family into the future (that's to say: grandkids). I continue to be amazed at how powerful the mind-control techniques of the left are. I really underestimated those guys. They are scary dangerous.


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