Tuesday, February 11, 2020

TNR: "The Obsolete Politics Of James Carville"

I couldn't bring myself to actually read this.
I read the first bit, then skimmed, then "skimmed," meaning I basically skipped to the end. Then skimmed that. Sort of.
Jesus. Remember TNR of old? Sullivan. Sunstein. Rauch. Chait before he went over to the dark side. TNR was flamboyantly itself. Often wrong. But often right. And always interesting. And iconoclastic.
Now it's just another lefty rag.
But I digress from my digression from doing something important.
Back to the Carville piece.
tl;dr: okay, boomer.
Like Obama and anybody else who dares to even question the Democrats' wholehearted embrace of progressive madness, Carville has been deemed old and out of touch. He just doesn't get it. He should do better. You know the drill.
As I've said, my not-very-neutral guess is that, when people like Obama and Carville start saying this stuff out loud, they've been saying it in private for awhile. And they're very alarmed.
As they should be.
Because if they've lost me...and lost me to Donald F***ing Trump...they're in very damn big trouble.
But, of course, no party ever admits it's substantively wrong. They always blame it on "messaging" or some bullshit. The only hope for the Dems, IMO is a loss in November. Preferably a crushing, humiliating, Mondalesque loss.
I doubt that the Dems will ever return to being the less-crazy of the two parties. But we need them to be less crazy than they are now, because they will win again some day. And when that day comes, if they're still like they are now, we're totally screwed.


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