Sunday, February 23, 2020

Thought-Control On The Left/MSM: Does Wuhan Coronavirus Preferentially Kill East Asians?

There is some talk on the right about the hypothesis that COVID-19 preferentially kills East Asians. Some reports claim there have been no non-East-Asian deaths from the virus. However, this hypothesis/information seems to have been suppressed. Or, again: so some chatter on the right has it. But if so, why? Even given the ruling elites' pathological inclination to spin non-racism into racism...why on Earth would anyone try to suppress information like this??
   The only think I can think of is this: the dedication of the left / cultural-superstructure to denying that races are natural kinds. But damn, that seems like a stretch... [Note: the Freeper who posted the post floats the same hypothesis--I hadn't read that far.]
   Since I've started taking conservatism more seriously, I've noticed that the conservative press scoops the hell out of the MSM and the lefty press (but I repeat myself) a lot. IMO: if they're right about this, it's pretty big.
   [Note: it may be that only East Asians are even catching the virus...]
   [Sanjay Gupta apparently explicitly suggested (on CNN) that this was not true.]
   [Note that the Freeper link is from 2/8... Even I didn't read about this until 2/23...]
   [Another hypothesis: panic makes people malleable, and that's what the left/ruling-elites currently want. Yet another hypothesis: the left would politically benefit from an economic slowdown in the U.S...]
   [Apparently a 77-y-o Italian with no known East Asian ancestry seems to have died from COVID-19. One such case doesn't do much to undermine the hypothesis, but it does a bit.]
   [Sounds like some cases and a high percentage of deaths in Iran.]


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