Saturday, February 29, 2020

Science vs. Humanities: Fighting Pandemics vs. Repeating The "Diversity" Mantra Ad Nauseam

The sciences do things--like fight pandemics.
The contemporary humanities simply repeat the same ridiculous political idea over and over and over. No thought is ever required, no actual analysis is ever conducted...they just repeat some version of the mantra...diversity diversity diversity...racist racist racist...
It's too bad we can't all be given the choice of either (a) choosing to deploying the very best people regardless of race, sex, etc. or (b) using race, sex and the rest of the progressive obsessions as criteria of choice. I have no doubt that some lefties would choose (b) even if their family's lives depended on it, because that's how deep their racist/sexist delusions go. But most would snap to their senses and choose (a) pretty damn fast.


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