Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Salonlol: Journalists Are Too Objective / Insufficiently Anti-Trump

You'd think I was making this up:
We know what needs to change. It involves "less false equivalence, more high-impact language and more willingness to take a stand for democracy," writes Sullivan. It involves corporate media figures recognizing that "[t]his is a moment for curiosity in America," says Giridharadas. It involves actively fighting misinformation, rather than reporting on how effective it will be, as Klein argues.
False equivalence? Exactly where does the MSM represent Trump and the Cult of Progressivism as equivalent in any way? My favorite bit there is probably "more high-impact language." Jeez. A complete absence of self awareness. The manipulation of language is (a) scurrilous and (b) one of the things at which the left most excells. It's a classic anti-democratic method of manipulation.
   Also: again we see the inane idea that Trump is somehow anti-democratic. Democracy's hardly an unalloyed good. Neither is Trump, of course. But he's the output of democracy. The anti-democratic faction is on the left. Russiagate, you see...that never happened...
   As for misinformation/disinformation: the familiar pattern repeats itself: Trump is bad; the progressive left is off the scale. Trump's a pretty much ordinary political liar/bullshitter who's just turned it up to 11. The progressive left has a culture-wide network of propagandists dedicated to advancing their loony worldview--in fact, some of the very institutions that are supposed to be dedicated to fighting propaganda and tribe-think are religiously devoted to conducting leftist indoctrination: universities and journalism. Trump's a lone bullshitter. He's completely outgunned in this respect. He also slips in important truths now and then that no one else will say. And that counts for a lot.


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