Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Man To Wear Dress On Sesame Street

I don't think it makes any sense to get all hung up on what kinds of clothes people wear.
However...leftists are brainwashing your kids.
And that's f*cked up.
It's clear that they're targeting kids. One hypothesis is that the sexualization of kids is the next frontier in the left's relentless radical march to the left. There's absolutely no reason to inject this sort of thing into a kids' show. Or, rather: no legitimate reason... If there's a genuine cultural change, then eventually this sort of thing will trickle down and happen naturally--when it's no longer an outre statement aimed at brainwashing. It's not that I think this is, objectively speaking, terribly harmful. Rather, it's just another piece of clear evidence that brainwashing kids is part of the left's strategy. Also: it's kinda creepy. And: it's another bit of evidence that kids may be the next front in the left's ever-expanding sexual revolution. What started out as a good idea has taken a troubling turn.


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