Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Innocent Men's Lives Being Destroyed By False Accusations Is Just Another Benefit Of The "Me Too" Witch Hunt

This shouldn't surprise anyone.
Contemporary progressivism still officially pretends that its anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, anti-wealth, anti-American, anti-Western implications are basically side-effects of working to promote the interests of women, minorities, the third world, and so on. But it's been as clear as it can be for years now that that isn't entirely true. Progressivism now largely aims to do harm to e.g. men. It's a feature not a bug. It's a goal, not a side-effect. Liberalism/progressivism doesn't have to be like that...and, in fact, didn't used to be. But that's the way it is now. To some extent it's because it's influenced by Marxism, and sees everything as a zero-sum fight for power among groups. But to some extent it's worse than that--it's a matter of hating men etc. I think it's obvious that those attitudes aren't common among a majority of progressives. But they're absolutely there--and very prominent--among the vocal vanguard.


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