Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Idiotic Pronoun Bullshit Is Just One More Step Down The Road To Soft Totalitarian Irrationalism

It's all so f*cking idiotic that one hardly even knows where to start. The smug idiocy, the virtue signaling, the pathological need to micromanage the way other people talk, the linguistic ignorance, the incoherence of the view it's all based on... Then, of course, there are all the non-crazy, relatively-more-centrist progressive/liberal types who are dutifully bending the knee to all this...because what could be worse than the disapproval of crazy totalitarians?
   And apparently there's at least one court ruling that says that the First Amendment--magically--doesn't apply to such things. So you can be compelled by your university to misuse words or use non-words upon demand by students... And note: not just: not use ordinary terms correctly... You can be forced to misuse words and use bullshit words.
   This is insightful:
“Youth exists to torment age,” Mr. Bukiet said. “That’s fine. I can dig. Wouldn’t trust anyone under 30 who didn’t poke at his or her or their elders. But it doesn’t mean that I or we have got to oblige.”
Note that youth used to torment age by doing crazy shit and provoking age to rage. It was, at least to some extent, about exercising freedom. Now youth torments age more like it did in the Soviet Union--by forcing it to comply with batshit dogma. Which is, needless to say, about freedom, too, in a way....but about destroying it in the name of quasi-religious lunacy.


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