Saturday, February 22, 2020

"Gay Marriage Was Always Leading To Polygamy"

I was so deeply bluepilled in certain ways that I denied this for years...but it's likely true.
    As I've noted several times, the central argument for same-sex marriage--the love argument--does entail that polygamy is permissible as well. If any people who love each other should be able to marry, then clearly polygamy should be permitted. Even if you state it as The Human Rights Campaign et al. prefer to state it ("Any two people who love each other should be able to marry"), polygamy is still entailed. That's because it entails that any two people should be able to marry even if they're already married. That is, if A and B love each other, then they should be able to marry even if one or both of them is already married.
   So the logic of one of the main arguments for same-sex marriage does lead to the conclusion that polygamy should be permissible. But what I've called "the logic of the left" does as well. Regardless of the logic of the arguments, the left will always push leftward. Thus no matter what it advocates, it will advocate positions to the left of that more-or-less as soon as possible. The ink wasn't even dry on Obergefell before the left began insisting that we all accept trans ideology. That has now led to the sexual mutilation and sexualization of children. Polygamy is now decriminalized in at least one state, and it's unlikely to stop there.
   As I've often said, I started this blog with a couple of general ideas, and one was: you can be a liberal without being an idiot (i.e. an extremist). I now doubt that's true. I'm not sure it isn't--but I doubt it. Liberalism has turned into something that refuses to oppose leftism (e.g. progressivism), no matter how insane and illiberal. And I didn't see that coming...even though I'd seen it in action in the paleo-PC era. Of course liberalism did eventually say no to the crazy PC left...but only after severe damage had been done...and only for a decade or so before the crazies arose again, even crazier than before. And, again, liberals--such that remain--stand by and watch it happen, complicit in their silence.


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