Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Fear Of Coronavirus MORE TOTALLY RAZIZT!!!!

Yeah, see, it might not harm the economy nor "the social fabric"...but people don't want to die, you dipshit.
For all I know, it hasn't met the right conditions to make a travel ban reasonable. Do I look like an epidemiologist? But if so, give those arguments. Nothing in that stupid op-ed proves what it apparently aims to.
I've certainly been sitting around wondering why we don't stop travel from China. It's in no way a stupid thought, even if it might betray ignorance about the relevant risks and benefits.

[Update: "Only" a 2.2% mortality rate... Jesus what a moron. I have no desire whatsoever to roll those dice. As Reynolds notes, the Spanish flu had "only" a 2.5% mortality rate. As Peirce says, roughly: you can't go on taking that kind of chance for very long before it catches up to you... Again: there may well be epidemiological arguments that show that there's no cause for concern, and insufficient reason for squelching travel. But stop with the smug, stupid arguments for the conclusion, willya?
Honestly, does anybody take the left's throwaway accusations of racism seriously anymore?]


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